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Point Bonita Lighthouse Trail (Golden Gate National Recreation Area, CA)

Throughout much of San Francisco’s history, ships seeking to enter the Bay Area flirted with disaster: jagged rocks, shallow beds, dense fog, and nasty waves left hundreds of vessels in the 19th and 20th centuries capsized, torn apart, and buried … Continue reading

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Lincoln Boyhood Loop (Lincoln Boyhood National Memorial, IN)

– Civil War Series – Well before he rose to prominence as an Illinois politician and 16th president of the United States, Abraham Lincoln spent much of his boyhood on a modest farmstead at Little Pigeon Creek in southern Indiana. … Continue reading

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Jumonville Glen Trail (Fort Necessity National Battlefield, PA)

What precisely happened on May 28, 1754 at Jumonville Glen in southwestern Pennsylvania remains unknown to this day. British forces led by a young Lieutenant Colonel George Washington claimed that, when they encountered a French contingent encamped at the base … Continue reading

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Swallow Falls Canyon Trail (Swallow Falls State Park, MD)

The roughly one-mile circuit hike in Maryland’s Swallow Falls State Park would be impressive enough if its only attraction was the last remaining stand of virgin hemlock and white pine trees in the state. But in addition to this exquisite … Continue reading

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Ball’s Bluff Battlefield Interpretive Trail (Ball’s Bluff Battlefield Regional Park, VA)

– Civil War Series – 1861 was a rough year on the battlefield for Union forces in the Eastern Theater. After the Civil War commenced at Fort Sumter in April, the young Federal Army suffered a significant setback at the … Continue reading

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Blue Blazes Whiskey Trail (Catoctin Mountain Park, MD)

In 1919, Congress passed the Eighteenth Amendment, ushering in the Prohibition era and forcing distilleries to move their business underground. Hidden up in the mountains—but close to large markets in Baltimore and Washington, DC—many so-called “moonshiners” turned to the Catoctin … Continue reading

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Accokeek Creek Marsh Boardwalk & Mockley Point Trail (Piscataway Park, MD)

Piscataway Park in southwest Maryland features a mix of riparian forests, grasslands, and marshes within an hour’s drive of Washington, DC. While most visitors will flock to the National Colonial Farm (which itself boasts several hiking trails), the Accokeek Creek … Continue reading

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Accokeek Farm Loop (Piscataway Park, MD)

Situated inside Maryland’s Piscataway Park, the Accokeek Foundation, an education non-profit, runs the 200-acre National Colonial Farm along the banks of the Potomac River. In addition to live barnyard animals, the farm features a series of interlocking nature trails, several … Continue reading

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Woodlot Trail (Oxon Cove Park & Oxon Hill Farm, MD)

The Woodlot Trail is a short, one-way nature hike in Maryland’s Oxon Cove Park that—despite being within striking distance of Washington, DC—makes for a surprisingly scenic walk. Meandering in and out of wooded ravines, the hilly traverse follows a deep-cutting … Continue reading

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Riverbend Road Trail (Great Falls Park, VA)

The Riverbend Road Trail is easily the least interesting of the hikes in northern Virginia’s Great Falls Park and is largely out of the way of the other trails in the park. Those seeking to conquer every trail in the … Continue reading

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