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Calumet Bluff Trail (Gavin’s Point Dam area, NE)

During the first summer of the famed Lewis & Clark Expedition in 1804, the travelling company camped for four nights at the base of a high bluff along the Missouri River, described by the party as “composed of a yellowish … Continue reading

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Spirit Mound Trail (Spirit Mound Historic Prairie, SD)

With a system of dams effectively flooding much of the Missouri River shoreline where Meriweather Lewis and William Clark once camped during their 1803-6 expedition, there are few places left where one can walk, with certainty, in the footsteps of … Continue reading

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Circle Trail (Pipestone National Monument, MN)

Pipestone National Monument in southwest Minnesota preserves the site of an active pipestone quarry used by the Sioux and other American Indian tribes to craft famed “peace pipes” popularized by groups in the northern plains of the United States. The … Continue reading

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Fire Point Loop (Effigy Mounds National Monument, IA)

Perched on the bluffs high above the Mississippi River Valley in northeast Iowa lies a hidden treasure of burial mounds, estimated to have been created by American Indians between 850 and 1,400 years ago. And these are no usual resting … Continue reading

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Bailly/Chellberg Trail (Indiana Dunes National Park, IN)

A prominent French Canadian fur trader, Joseph Bailly settled in the Indiana Dunes area in the early 19th century, establishing a trading post in 1822 near present-day Porter, Indiana. Decades later, Swedish immigrants Anders and Johanna Kjellberg purchased 80 acres … Continue reading

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Jones Hole Trail & Ely Creek Falls (Dinosaur National Monument, UT)

Although most famous for its prehistoric fossils, Dinosaur National Monument in northeast Utah and northwest Colorado covers more than 200,000 acres of canyon country that rivals the “Mighty Five” national parks farther south. Here the Green and Yampa Rivers—and their … Continue reading

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Grimes Point Petroglyph Trail (Grimes Point Archaeological Area, NV)

For travelers driving Nevada’s Highway 50—the “Loneliest Road in America”—Grimes Point is an excellent spot to get out and stretch your legs, taking advantage of a short trail to a fantastic set of ancient petroglyphs. Undoubtedly more vivid and more … Continue reading

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Hickison Petroglyphs Interpretive Trail (Hickison Petroglyphs Recreation Area)

Highway 50, which stretches for more than 400 miles across central Nevada, is called the “Loneliest Road in America” for a reason. Services and cell service are in limited supply as travelers skirt the desolate mountain ranges and sagebrush-studded valleys … Continue reading

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Cesar E. Chavez National Monument, CA

Cesar E. Chavez National Monument in Keene, California is a small National Park Service site dedicated to the life and memory of the most famous leader of the California farm workers movement in the 1960s and 1970s. Nestled in a … Continue reading

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Point Bonita Lighthouse Trail (Golden Gate National Recreation Area, CA)

Throughout much of San Francisco’s history, ships seeking to enter the Bay Area flirted with disaster: jagged rocks, shallow beds, dense fog, and nasty waves left hundreds of vessels in the 19th and 20th centuries capsized, torn apart, and buried … Continue reading

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