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Bradley Lake, Taggart Lake, and Beaver Creek Trail Loop (Grand Teton National Park, WY)

As glaciers carved the various canyons of Grand Teton National Park, they pushed enormous heaps of rocky debris down to the base of the sharp peaks, forming what geologists and climatologists today call moraines. In the centuries—millennia—that passed, the retreating … Continue reading

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Crater Lake Trail (Delaware Water Gap National Recreation Area, NJ)

The Crater Lake Trail (no, not that Crater Lake) is a pleasant—although not particularly inspiring—loop hike in a remote section of Delaware Water Gap National Recreation Area on the New Jersey side. Access to Crater Lake requires a lengthy drive … Continue reading

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Crater Lake National Park, OR

Oregon’s Crater Lake, America’s deepest lake, is also arguably its bluest. Fed entirely by rain water and snowmelt, this natural wonder and centerpiece of Crater Lake National Park was formed after the explosion of an ancient volcano—Mount Mazama—about 7,700 years … Continue reading

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Lake View Trail Loop (Babcock State Park, WV)

It seems like every state park in America has a man-made reservoir, and Babcock State Park in south-central West Virginia is no exception. After checking out the area’s historic grist mill, beautiful waterfalls, and sweeping views, finish off your day … Continue reading

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Crater Lake Trail (White River National Forest, CO)

Aside from the short, easy trail around Maroon Lake, the moderately difficult Crater Lake Trail is probably the most popular hike in Colorado’s magnificent Maroon Bells Recreation Area. The 1.5-mile hike (plus 1/3 mile on the Maroon Lake Trail) takes … Continue reading

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Maroon Lake Trail (White River National Forest, CO)

There is perhaps no landscape more iconic in Colorado than the classic view—used in nature calendars everywhere—of Maroon Lake, set before the beautiful backdrop of aspen trees and the snow-streaked Maroon Bells. Situated less than 11 miles from Aspen, Maroon … Continue reading

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Antelope Island State Park, UT (photo collection)

Though the state’s five national parks—Arches, Bryce Canyon, Canyonlands, Capitol Reef, and Zion—often steal the show, Utah also boasts a handful of very impressive state parks, from Snow Canyon to Goblin Valley to Kodachrome Basin. Another is Antelope Island State … Continue reading

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Buck Gulch – Strawberry Jack – Park View Trail Loop (Pine Valley Ranch Park, CO)

Considering the hundreds of thousands of outdoors-lovers in and around Denver, it should come as no surprise that there is an endless array of parks and trails within a 90-minute drive from the state capital. This includes Arapaho, Roosevelt, and … Continue reading

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Mala Osojnica & Ojstrica (Lake Bled, Slovenia)

Though America remains the focus of Live and Let Hike, why not do a brief write-up on a short hike I completed last month from much further afield? Despite its petite size, the mountainous European nation of Slovenia presents considerable … Continue reading

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Nymph, Dream, and Emerald Lakes (Rocky Mountain National Park, CO)

The 1.8 mi. (one-way) hike to Emerald Lake is a Rocky Mountain NP classic: excellent mountain views, wildflowers, and flowing rapids, interrupted only by the serenity of three high-altitude lakes (four, if you include Bear). The final leg, from Dream … Continue reading

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