Welcome to “Live Let and Hike”!

Andrew Wojtanik, author of the blog, in Rocky Mountain National Park, Colorado, July 2013

Andrew Wojtanik, author of the blog, in Rocky Mountain National Park, Colorado, July 2013

Every once in awhile, when I am not working on my other passion (foreign affairs) or blogging at Notes on the Periphery, my heart is out West in the mountains – trekking, backpacking, sightseeing. This blog reflects that passion, dedicated to providing detailed trip reports on my various hikes, from my current home (Boston) to dream home (Colorado, Utah, etc.) and beyond.

It will also ideally serve as a forum for collaboration, so if you have a hike that you particularly love and some pictures to go along with it, send it along! The collection of hikes covered here will of course be far from comprehensive, but hopefully of use for fellow nature lovers and hikers out there!


Andrew Wojtanik is a 23-year-old budding foreign affairs scholar and practitioner, but also an avid hiker with an affinity for the outdoors, geography, and puns. Growing up in Kansas and attending college at Georgetown University in DC, Andrew is currently a research assistant at the Harvard Kennedy School in Cambridge, Massachusetts. Back in the day, he won the national and world “geography bees” and is the author of two books: Afghanistan to Zimbabwe (2005) and The National Geographic Bee Ultimate Fact Book(2012). He also runs a foreign affairs blog devoted on extracting lessons from the world’s “forgotten conflicts” that you may find here. Follow him on Twitter here.

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