Natural Arch Trail (Babcock State Park, WV)


Natural Arch, Babcock State Park, May 2016

In addition to sporting picturesque cascades, majestic views, and a serene lake, Babcock State Park in south-central West Virginia also contains a small natural arch, a rarity in the area. Here weathering in the Nuttall Sandstone gives way to a shady and moss-covered span that is both easy to climb and pass through.

Natural Arch Trail Babcock State Park West Virginia information hike

The hike

To reach the arch, enter Babcock State Park through the main entrance, and take the first right. Look for a small sign marked “Natural Arch” on the right, and park on the shoulder. (Note: Directly across the road is the start of the Mountain Heath Trail.) Climb four short, stone steps, then follow the tread south as it parallels the paved drive. Within minutes, the Natural Arch becomes obvious—in fact, the trail passes right through it.


Natural Arch, Babcock State Park

Feel free to venture a little farther to climb to the top of the arch, then return the way you came. (Note: The official state park map shows a circuit option that continues past the arch and loops back to the trailhead, but the route was, as of May 2016, not obvious.)


Natural Arch from the backside

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