Arlington House & Arlington National Cemetery, VA


Arlington House and Arlington National Cemetery, December 2016

– Civil War Series –

Northern Virginia’s Arlington National Cemetery occupies a prized piece of real estate, just across the Potomac River from Washington, DC. At 624 acres, the sloping hillsides contain the graves of thousands of American military veterans, dating back to the Civil War, as well as a handful of notable civilians, including Presidents John F. Kennedy and William Howard Taft.

Less well known is the story of the Arlington House, once the home to General Robert E. Lee, the Confederacy’s most prominent military leader, and his wife Mary Custis, a relative of President George Washington. The Greek revival-style mansion was built around the same time as the establishment of Washington, DC as the nation’s capital, but—as Lee took up his command in the Confederate Army—was abandoned in the early days of the Civil War in 1861. Thereafter the mansion fell into the hands of the Federal Government and was restored, with help from the National Park Service, which took over jurisdiction of the house in 1933. Today it sits atop a beautiful knoll overlooking the cemetery, the Potomac River, and the National Mall.


Arlington National Cemetery during the annual “Wreaths across America” event


Tomb of Robert Todd Lincoln, eldest son of President Abraham Lincoln


JFK’s grave and eternal flame


Custis Walk leading up to the Arlington House


Tombstone of Pierre L’Enfant, architect of Washington, DC – overlooking the Potomac River and the city he designed


Arlington Cemetery, west of the Arlington House


President William Howard Taft’s gravesite


Women in Military Service for America Memorial – across Arlington Memorial Bridge from Washington, DC

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