Charles Pinckney National Historic Site, SC


Charles Pinckney National Historic Site, February 2017

– Revolutionary War Series –

Charles Pinckney National Historic Site in Mount Pleasant, South Carolina commemorates the life of a “forgotten founder” who helped shape the American political system following the Revolutionary War. Most famous for writing 25 clauses of the U.S. Constitution, Charles Pinckney was a Jeffersonian Democratic-Republican and a favorite son of South Carolina, where he lived until his death in 1824. Much of his life was spent here at Snee Farm, a 28-acre slice of which is now managed by the National Park Service. Though no complete structures remain from Pinckney’s time, the stone foundations of several buildings have been unearthed, while the present Visitor Center occupies a tidewater cottage constructed in the years after Pinckney sold Snee Farm in the 1817. A half-mile nature trail traverses the farm and explores nearby woods and a tidal marsh.


Tidewater cottage housing the park’s Visitor Center


Foundation of former slave quarters at Snee Farm


Woods at Charles Pinckney National Historic Site


Boardwalk over a marsh leading to the banks of Wampacheone Creek


Gardens at Snee Farm

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