Hamilton Grange National Memorial, NY


Hamilton Grange National Memorial, November 2016

– Revolutionary War Series –

Hamilton Grange National Memorial, a relatively modest home in Harlem, honors the life and achievements of Founding Father Alexander Hamilton, American revolutionary, a key promoter of the US Constitution, and America’s first Treasury Secretary. Constructed in 1802, “The Grange” would serve as Hamilton’s home for only two years (he was, of course, killed in an infamous duel with Aaron Burr). However, the house has lived on; in fact, it has survived being physically moved twice since 1889, now occupying a grassy hillside at the corner of W 141st St. and St. Nicholas Avenue, under the protection of the National Park Service. Between 2015 and 2016, visitation to Hamilton Grange has more than doubled (I wonder why??), making touring the Grange more of a challenge. But arrive early in the day to skip the crowds and check out the home’s various artifacts, including Hamilton’s very own desk and a handful of portraits.


Hamilton Grange National Memorial


Dining home at The Grange


Hamilton’s desk


Surprisingly rugged terrain outside Hamilton Grange

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