Perrine Coulee Falls, ID


Perrine Coulee Falls, August 2019

While nearby Shoshone Falls gets all the attention, perhaps the most alluring waterfall in southwestern Idaho is Perrine Coulee Falls, literally a stone’s throw away from the city of Twin Falls. This free-falling chute, which drops nearly 200 feet into the Snake River Canyon, is notable not only for its beauty but its bizarre position: how can such a waterfall exist in such close proximity to the strip malls and residential neighborhoods just steps from its rim? Despite its location, there is no fanfare: there are no signs, no entrance fees, nothing to signify your arrival. The only way to reach the falls is to park on the shoulder of Canyon Springs Road as it descends from Twin Falls and rounds its first bend. After a sharp drop that requires a little bit of maneuvering, hikers can follow a wide path behind the back of the falls for views from several angles. This is a true local gem that should not be missed.


Perrine Coulee Falls


Heading behind Perrine Coulee Falls

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