George Washington’s Mount Vernon (Mount Vernon, VA)


Mount Vernon, April 2016

– Revolutionary War Series –

George Washington—Revolutionary War hero, the first US president, and…farmer and gardener? Mount Vernon celebrates the life of America’s most well-renowned founding father, with a focus on his dealings at home: in the privacy of his majestic estate on the banks of the Potomac River, where he raised livestock and grew corn and tobacco, owned slaves, kept well-manicured gardens, and entertained guests. Visitors can now tour Washington’s longtime home—for a premium price of $20 per head—about 30-40 minutes south of the capital city that bears his name. The following photos provide a taste of Washington’s luxurious land with a view.


Gardens and slave quarters at Washington’s Mount Vernon


Washington’s mansion at Mount Vernon, built in 1735 by George’s father Augustine


Excellent view of the Potomac from Mount Vernon


George Washington’s tomb


Last look at Mount Vernon

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