Yorktown Battlefield Auto Tour (Colonial National Historical Park, VA)


Yorktown Battlefield, Colonial National Historical Park, January 2017

– Revolutionary War Series –

The Battle of Yorktown, the last major engagement of the American Revolution, was a decisive victory for Gen. George Washington’s Continental Army and the death knell for continued British occupation. Today, the site of the 1781 battle is protected by Colonial National Historical Park, near the banks of the York River on Virginia Peninsula. Beginning at the park visitor center, the Yorktown Battlefield Auto Tour weaves in and out of the British and Allied (American and French) lines, restored to mimic their appearance during the multi-week siege that ended in mid-October 1781. There are also stops at the Yorktown National Cemetery—dedicated to the Civil War battle that took place here 81 years later—as well as the Moore House (where British surrender negotiations took place) and the Surrender Field (where thousands of Redcoats laid down their arms). The Yorktown Victory Monument, near downtown Yorktown, caps off the tour. (Note: A second, longer driving route–the Washington Encampment Tour–circuits the French and American rear bases in the woods to the west and south of the battlefield.)

Yorktown map

Map of Yorktown Battlefield Tour, Colonial National Historical Park


British Inner Defense Line near the Yorktown Battlefield Visitor Center


First Allied Siege Line


First Allied Siege Line and French Batteries


Yorktown National Cemetery


Second Allied Siege Line, in close range of the British defense line at Yorktown


View of British defenses from the Second Allied Siege Line


Redoubt 9, a British defensive position seized by French forces during the Battle of Yorktown


Mortars and field guns at Redoubt 9/Grand American Battery


Redoubt 10, seized by 400 American troops under command of Lt. Col. Alexander Hamilton


Moore House, site of surrender negotiations between Washington and British Commander Lord Cornwallis


View of York River from the Moore House


Wormley Pond, from the road to the Surrender Field


Observation deck at Surrender Field


Captured British mortar, altered to commemorate the American victory


Surrender Field


Yorktown Victory Monument

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