McCloud Falls, CA


Middle McCloud Falls, Mount Shasta area, July 2017

The alluring McCloud Falls is a must-see destination along northern California’s Route 89, also known as the Volcanic Legacy Scenic Byway. Situated 20 miles east of the town of Mount Shasta, McCloud Falls includes three tumbles along the McCloud River, each separated by a short hike or drive. Lower Falls, a short walk from a popular picnic area and campground, is the shortest of the three but drops into a well-known swimming hole. Middle Falls, the tallest at 50 feet high, is accessed from a short but steep and winding path from the parking area. Upper Falls plunges into a beautiful turquoise pool that is difficult to access but nonetheless a beautiful sight. All three are connected by the 2-mile McCloud River Falls Trail, while short, paved paths provide access to key viewing points.


Lower McCloud Falls


Middle McCloud Falls


Upper McCloud Falls


Rumbling cascades above Upper Falls

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