Fort Washington (Fort Washington Park, MD)


Fort Washington Park, February 2017

– Civil War Series –

The history of Maryland’s Fort Washington spans several of America’s wars, from the War of 1812 through the Civil War and the two World Wars. The first fort on this site, a stone structure constructed in 1809, was short-lived: it was burned and abandoned by its own garrison as the British advanced on Washington, DC during the War of 1812. The second iteration, enlarged and made of brick, remains standing today and was used to defend Washington during the Civil War. Outer batteries were added in the 1890s, and the fort continued to serve as an army post until the end of World War II.

Perched atop a grassy hill overlooking the Potomac River, Fort Washington offers a beautiful mix of natural beauty and historic flavor. A roughly 3.75-mile loop trail circuits Fort Washington Park, while visitors are free to explore the grounds of the inner fort from 8 am to sunset.

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Walk up to the Visitor Center at Fort Washington Park


Visitor Center overlooking the Potomac River at Fort Washington Park


Entrance to Fort Washington


Casemate at Fort Washington


Fort Washington


View of the Potomac River and Washington, DC from Fort Washington


Officers’ quarters at Fort Washington


Steep stairwell at Fort Washington


View of the Potomac River from Fort Washington

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