Lassen Volcanic National Park Highway


Lassen Volcanic National Park, July 2017

California Route 89—also known as the Volcanic Legacy Scenic Byway or Lassen Volcanic National Park Highway—spends nearly 30 miles weaving through Lassen Volcanic National Park. In addition to circling the park’s namesake (Lassen Peak, 10, 457’), this scenic drive connects low-lying lakes with high-altitude meadows and geothermal features and provides access to more than a dozen hiking trails. While the northern reaches of the drive remain low in dense pine forest, the southern section flirts with the timberline, allowing for awe-inspiring views of California’s Cascade Range. (Note: Amazingly, upon our visit in late July, the highway was still closed between Summit Lake and Bumpass Hell Trailhead due to snow pack. The road opened July 27, 2017, the latest opening in the park’s history.)


Hot mudpool at Sulphur Works


Sulphur Works area


Views south from the Lassen Volcanic National Park Highway


Wildflowers in bloom in Lassen Volcanic National Park


Emerald Lake


View from the Bumpass Hell Trailhead


Lassen Peak


Lassen Peak and Hat Creek

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